Delivery options

Every order can be picked up in our showroom or delivered by Czech Post or carrier PPL (DHL partner).

Cash on delivery (COD) is possible only with delivery to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Delivery price depends on the location of delivery.

You can also pay by bank wire. Goods will be sent after receipt of payment. If some of goods are not in stock, the shipment will be realized when it will be complete.

Delivery prices displayed in course of making the order fits to the basic package limit for the weight or size, when it exceeds the price will vary. Privilege for delivery free of charge will not be affected by this restriction.

Personal pick-up

Personal pick-up is available at showroom or at some of moto market places. Please, always make sure about our presence by cell phone +420 777 744 661 before visiting or pre-arrange date of visit.

From 1. March 2017 cash payment is not accepted!

Personal pick-up is free of charge.

Delivery to foreign countries

Abroad we send the ordered goods by carrier PPL (partner DHL) or Czech Post, either by airmail or ground transportation.

Delivery EU

Prices of PPL (DHL) delivery fits to packages up to 10 kg. If package exceeds the limit, the price increases.

Payment by cash on delivery (COD) is available only at delivery in Slovakia. Other orders can only be paid by bank wire.

For Slovakia is the base price of transportation (up to 10 kg) 210 CZK. Cash on delivery is charged for +40 CZK.

For Germany and Poland is the base price of transportation (up to 10 kg) 260 CZK.

For other EU states is the base price of transportation (up to 10 kg) 480 CZK.

Delivery outside the EU

For delivery outside the EU the price of transportation depends on Czech Post price list.

For all foreign countries, when package exceed limits, the price depends on the dimensions and weight of the shipment and we will always contact you about it.

Delivery time

Shipment is normally dispatched two working days from receipt of the order, if all goods are in stock.

Delivery by PPL (DHL)

The carrier will send a delivery notification by SMS or e-mail. On the day of delivery You will receive interactive SMS or e-mail with notice of delivery time. You can change the date of delivery with the answer to this SMS or e-mail if need.

NOTICE: If You want delivery by PPL it's required to identify the phone/cell number where you can be reached.

In case of unsuccessful delivery driver will leave in place a notice about unsuccessful delivery attempt (this information will be also send by e-mail). You can change the date or address of the next delivery than.

Small parcel delivery

We offer service for smaller packages in Czech Republic "Post - to bubble envelope up to 1 kg" for a discounted price. COD delivery is supported. Please, when You want to use this type of delivery, respect the real possibility of package to bubble envelope. If shipment will not be relevant (e.g. weight), we reserve the right to deliver the shipment another way, and the delivery price will respond to the used transportation.

Normally we ship small packages each workday. If goods are all in stock, it will be delivered by carrier options, standardly it takes 3 days from dispatch.

Apart from the mentioned small packages we offer delivery by mail to orders which are over the size or weight limit of the bubble envelope. This packages are delivered in longer time (one week normally). Delivery price is calculated for packages up to 3 kg.

Delivery free of charge is available only in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Poland!

Customer service

To get information about the status of Your order or to make sure that the items are in stock, please contact the customer service by e-mail to

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