By proceeding and confirming following, I do give consent to Technitrade Limited, based in Line Wall Road 13/1, GX111AA Gibraltar, Company No. 115678, to process personal data – email address, telephone number, name, surname delivery and/or invoice address, for the sole purpose of fulfilling the order made by me and supplier (Technitrade Limited) Above menioned data could be provided to carrier (Czech Post, PPl, etc ...) for the purpose of delivering ordered goods.

Consent is gived until revoked or data deletion, depending on what happens first.

Deletion of data:

Personal data of customers making order without registation are deleted next day after 60 days from date of fulfilling the order.

Personal data of registered customers are deleted after 24 months from data of registration or last login, unless new login happened meanwhile, or new order has been placed and is being processed.

Revocation of consent:

Consent to use personal data could be revoked anytime, unless order is being fulfilled at the time, or there is no protection period in place in the length of warranty period provided for ordered goods. Revocation of consent can be done via email, phone, using contact form, or personally using data provided on Contact section. Permanent deletion will be done immediately after revoking consent.


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